| Help Your Tenants Transition to the Neighbourhood

A good portion of tenants are new to a neighbourhood when they move into a new rental. Even if they are moving from a nearby suburb, they still often don’t know a lot about the area they are moving into.

Why Should You Care?
An important part of being a good landlord is looking after your tenants as good as you can.  This includes helping them get comfortable in their new home and surrounds.

Providing great service to your tenants is an important part of building good relationships and increasing the likelihood of them looking after your property and paying the rent on time.

Moving to a new home is a stressful time, so it’s understandable that new tenants may be apprehensive.  They may well be committing a good portion of their income to renting a home in an area they are unfamiliar with.

How You Can Help Your Tenants
If you have ever stayed in a motel or an Airbnb, they regularly have local area guides. You could put together a folder of local information.

  • Provide a Map of Local Amenities with notes about areas of interest.  This will give them an insider’s look at the neighborhood. Creating a map can be quick, easy and inexpensive, and can be reused multiple times.
  • Put together a quick guide to local public transportation
  • Include some take-away menus of good local restaurants
  • Detail a list of important local services (Eg: doctors, pharmacy, supermarket, police and convenience store)
  • Provide emergency numbers (Eg Property manager, locksmith, plumber)

You don’t have to do any of this.  It’s all part of making them feel cared for and feeling comfortable in their new environment.  And therefore hopefully become good quality, long-term respectful tenants.

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